Voice Lessons

Dave Simon’s Rock School teaches people of all ages and skill levels how to properly use their voices.

Beginner voice lessons teach children as young as 7 years old to read basic music, match pitch, and most importantly: gain confidence. Building confidence is a huge part of learning to use the voice as an instrument. Starting early can be the key to creating the platform a child needs to gain the confidence to sing in front of an entire audience.

Intermediate vocal lessons and advanced singing lessons deepen a singer’s understanding of music. Vocalists learn to develop their range, proper breathing techniques, and how to project their voices for a more mature sound. Additionally, students will have greater input into the style of singing that the prefer, whether it be pop, rock, or even classical.

Singing lessons for kids and adults alike are available in a variety of formats at Dave Simon’s Rock School St. Louis.

Private Voice Lessons

Private singing lessons are available for one-on-one instruction for those that prefer a more private environment to learn to sing. Over time, the student learns to develop proper breathing, range, and the confidence to try out group instruction, should they so desire.

Group Singing Lessons

A group format is available for all vocal styles through regular group lessons, summer camps, day camps, and holiday camps. Learning to sing in a group setting can help showcase and develop the voice. For our youngest students, Kidzrock provides a great opportunity for children to get comfortable singing, without the intensity expected of students in lessons.

Professional Voice Coaches

Our singing coaches have years of experience teaching techniques and methodology to students of all ages and skill levels, and can help to cultivate each student’s unique voice.


Aside from the obvious benefit of training one’s voice for the purposes of performance, singing helps to:

  • Build confidence
  • Improve vocal strength and tone
  • Expand technical musical ability
  • Develop greater cognitive skills and abilities
  • Strengthen the heart and lungs
  • Improve breathing capacity

Singing helps to develop confidence, strength, and overall musical ability, which has a huge impact on almost every single aspect of life. Rock School helps people of all ages and skill levels develop their voice to be a powerful instrument. We teach beginning to advanced students the proper techniques and skills they need to become a skilled vocalist.

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