Piano Lessons


STL Rock School takes a unique approach to teaching kids to learn to play the piano. Piano lessons and keyboard lessons get a whole new breath of life in a fun and exciting environment.

Our piano instructors teach sight reading, pop songs, and improvisation. All students in the school learn from the Rock School Keyboard Method Book which walks students through the world of rock, pop, blues, jazz and solo playing. Beginner level students learn from traditional piano method books to learn reading and theory. This approach prepares them to transition to the Rock School Keyboard Method Book and band program.

Younger students at Rock School also get a chance to play piano in our children’s music class called Kidzrock. Kidzrock uses an abbreviated music notation to help children understand basic note and chord playing.

There are incredible benefits to teaching kids to play piano early on. Mentally, it helps to foster a growing sense of self-confidence. Physically, it helps to establish good hand-eye coordination and increased focus. Piano lessons have actually been shown to improve math skills, language skills and understanding, and reading skills. It utilizes areas of the brain which are otherwise greatly unused and has actually been shown to improve test scores.

Experienced Keyboard & Piano Teachers for Adults & Children

Our piano and keyboard instructors at STL Rock School are available to teach at all levels of experience. From children beginning at the age of 4 all the way through adult lessons, there is an instructor who is able to match your skill level to help you advance and unlock your full potential. Different programs can cater to every skill level and meet your exact demands and needs. We offer summer camps, individual private piano and keyboard lessons, group lessons, and Kidzrock for our youngest students to help you achieve your goals with playing the piano.

Whether you want to be the keyboard player in a band or dream of mesmerizing crowds with your classical piano skills, Rock School can teach you the skills to help play the piano with:

  • Rock band experiences
  • Piano lessons (Individual and group)
    • Lessons for kids
    • Lessons for adults
  • Rock keyboard lessons
    • Keyboard lessons for kids
    • Keyboard lessons for adults
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