Private Music Lessons

Guitar, Drums, Piano, Voice, Ukulele and Bass

Rock School offers private music lessons in guitar, drums, bass guitar, piano, ukulele and vocals. Private lessons are structured to combine formal music training with creative musical expression. Students in private lessons learn note reading, music theory, technique, and ear training as well as improvisation and composition.

Dave Simon and members of the Rock School staff have written a series of instrument method books which all students are taught from. These books are used to assist students as they work their way through the schools performing and recording rock band program. Students also take quarterly skill assessments which determine their band placement.

Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

Rock School offers lessons in rock, blues, classical, folk and jazz lessons on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and ukulele. Beginner students can expect to work on chords, simple songs, and melodies, sight reading, and theory. Beginner students use traditional guitar method books to help establish a basic musical foundation and general guitar concepts. Intermediate/Advanced level students learn from the schools own Dave Simon’s Rock School-Rock Guitar Method book which incorporates skill building and creative teaching methods. We encourage students to bring CDs or iPods to their lesson to learn their favorite tunes. Watch this video to see a guitar lesson in action.

Drum Lessons

Rock School offers drum lessons for all skill levels. Drum students learn beat playing, drum fills and rudiments. As students progress, they begin to expand their musical knowledge beyond rock into the world of jazz and Latin rhythms. All drum students learn how to read standard rhythmic notation.

Bass Guitar Lessons

Rock School offers bass instruction for all skill levels. Bass students learn how to read both bass clef and bass tablature. Students learn about chordal theory, scales, harmony, and building bass lines in unison with the bass drum. Advanced level bass students delve deeper into music theory and walking bass as well as more syncopated styles such as funk and reggae.

Piano Lessons

Rock School offers keyboard instruction for all skill levels. Beginner level students learn the basics of reading treble and bass clef as well as chordal theory. Intermediate and advanced players explore two-handed rhythms, scales, jazz chords and improvisation.

Voice Lessons

SINGING FOR KIDZ (AGES 7-10) In Singing for Kidz, your child will learn to memorize music, recognize and match pitch, and also gain confidence while doing so. Using warm-ups and vocal exercises, they will expand their range and begin to shape a more mature sound. Each class will also consist of working on a song of their choice and learning how to sing and perform it.

ROCK/POP VOICE LESSONS (AGES 11-ADULT) In Rock/Pop Voice Lessons, students will delve deeper into the world of singing. They will learn technique, voice projection, expanding their range, and how to develop a more mature sound. Each lesson will consist of vocal and breathing exercises, and working on a song of their choice.
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