Concert Lineup

Below are student arrival and show time estimates for the Glam vs Jam show at Blueberry Hill on Sunday 12/15. All show time estimates are subject to change.

All students are encouraged to dress in Glam/Jam clothing. Think big costumes & makeup vs tie-dye hippies! The best dressed student will receive a special present from Jared!!!

We aim to provide an amazing concert experience for all of the kids performing.  We ask that you to stay for the duration of the 1-1.5 hour concert to cheer on all of the kids and make this a day they’ll never forget.

Hannah Kidzrock Tuesday 4:15 – Orly Shanker, Elyse Chung, Gus Salem, Cash Alexander
Hannah Kidzrock Sunday 2:15 – Lev Picker
Blake Kidzrock Thursday 4:15 – Makenzie Kuhn, Shreya Shah, Aaron Voss, Cullen Saettele, Liam Vaughn
Gill Kidzrock Sunday 10:45 – Nishita Vinnakota, Nikhil Vinnakota, Josie Hanner, Rafi Minoff, Kavinayan Prakaf

Abbey Kidzrock Thurs 5:30 – Simon Lee, Ella Oberdas, Kate Howard, Addi Jackson
Abbey Kidzrock Fri 4:15 – Henry Sonneland, Jack Dubinksy, Rosie Shmuylovich
Devin Kidzrock Sat 11:15 – Nathan Nicholl, Rishaan Cherukuri,
Devin Kidzrock  Tues 5:15 –  Liam King

Hannah Intro2Band Sunday 3:00 – Katia Graney, Eban James, Max Brenner
Gill Intro2Band Mon 6:30 – Lucas Lazarus, Tommy Drake, Harper Drake
Adam Intro2Band Wed 4:30 – Nate Daniels, Ethan Klaus, Patrick McNulty
Devin RB101 Wed 7 – Aiden Connolly, Liam Connolly, Cash Kezar

Eddie Intro2Band Mon 5:30 – Pablo Espinoso, Santiago Flores, Owen Acree
Eddie RB101 Mon 4:30 – Nate Cook, Gabe Altier, Christopher Kline
Devin Intro2Band Tues 6:30 – Cienna Johnson, Keller Strauss, Venice Kelly
Devin Intro2Band Mon 6:30 – Preston Jinkerson, Stratton Schukar

Jack/Devin RB101 Thurs 6 – Harper Heffner, Elliot Soto, Hailey Hasler, Giovanni Corsolini
Devin JrConcert Mon 4 – Gabriella Kuhn, Elyse Boesch, Isabelle Kuhn, Grace Floyd, Josie Spector
Blake JrConcert Sat 2 – Matthew Funk, Duncan Heffner, Nolan Ma, Reyes Arango
Marty Intro2Band Sat 3 – Nico Welti, Nick Gallo, Jacob Shifrin

Jordan Concert Tues 7 – Charlie Halcomb, Ian MacDonald, JT Halcomb
Blake JrConcert Wed 5 – Lucas Coates, Jaden Jones, Zoe Snell, Josie Lightle, Taylor Nazum
Blake Concert Thurs 6:00 – Josh Williams, Charlie Halcomb, JT Halcomb, Owen Schrader
Hannah Concert Thurs 6:30 – Corinne Plumb, Norah Murphy, Grace Chappell, Olivia Ceballos

Gill Concert Tues 4 – Ben Spector, Emily Bernstein, Sam Shanker
Gill All Star Tues 4 – Connor Johnson, Josh Rosen, Ethan Massey, Adam Warren, Madi Nuernberger
Jack All Star Monday 5:30 – Hanan Nathan-Salarsky, Jacob Rafael, Alex Gellman, Valerie Whitlock, Anthony Chaboude
Jack All Star Wed 7:30 – Ethan Winograd, Ryan Melnick, Lucas O’Donnell, Ethan Floyd, Katie Klein
Devin All Star Sat 12 – Madi Nuernberger, Kate Slone, Arden Roy, Will Taylor

Free poster included with the concert fees! Posters will be available at the show for pickup and autograph signing.

If this is your first concert, below are some tips for getting prepared.
Ask your band director if you have performance questions:

Tune at home.
Arrive early.
Seek out band director.
20 minutes before the performance, the band should be hanging together.
Tune backstage.
Walk on stage. Plugin. Unmute amp. Check signal. Don’t play. Don’t adjust amp levels.
Space yourselves out on stage.
If you can’t hear yourself tell band director.
Rehearse change overs to other instruments to minimize time.
Mute amp, unplug walk off.


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