Summer Camp Mad Rock Stories

Floopy Noopers Floopy Noopers return home to St. Charles after playing sold out Subways across the tri-state area. Their plane landed in New York to be greeted by a mob of screaming cousins. Band members were whisked off in a yellow submarine to hold a press conference. Despite a successful tour, rumors spread on social media … Continue reading “Summer Camp Mad Rock Stories”

Summer Camp Mad Rock Libs: II

The Session 5 Camp Band SFCB was formed in 0009 in the great city of Russia. When the band first came together they didn’t have any money to buy instruments. Instead, they played a trash can, a computer, and a blender. The band members lived together in a cage and played music into the night. … Continue reading “Summer Camp Mad Rock Libs: II”

Summer Camp Mad Rock Libs

Mad Rock Libs with G2G G2G was formed in 1912  in the great city of Moscow When the band first came together they didn’t have any money to buy instruments. Instead, they played a lamp, ouija board, and a meat hook. The band members lived together in a chocolate factory and played music into the … Continue reading “Summer Camp Mad Rock Libs”

Summer Camp Kick Off

Summer camp is off to a great start with an awesome group of kids. Be sure to check out some summer camp pics of your kids by visiting our facebook page. Share and like with family and friends. Got 2 Go (G2G) Marty Aubochon is the band director for G2G (Got 2 Go) Zach L, … Continue reading “Summer Camp Kick Off”

Purchasing a Beginner Electric Guitar

When purchasing an electric guitar for a beginner most parents would like to save some money. It is important to see if your child is going to stick with his or her musical journey. Searching for a guitar as someone who knows nothing about guitars can be a daunting task. When I speak to parents … Continue reading “Purchasing a Beginner Electric Guitar”

Why You Should be Transcribing

When asked about how they learned to make music, any musician will answer with some variation of ‘I listened to a lot of music and learned to play what I liked’. The technical term for this process is called ‘transcription’, and it is absolutely integral to progressing as a musician. As I tell many of … Continue reading “Why You Should be Transcribing”

Good Practice Habits

  Good practice habits are crucial for any musician looking to improve.  Consistency with practice is important in maximizing the amount of progress made in weekly lessons. I always recommend setting goals such as learning a song or finishing an exercise in a method book.  When goals have been set, it is important to find … Continue reading “Good Practice Habits”

Restringing a Guitar

Restringing a guitar can be a daunting task for beginners. However in just a few simple steps this can be accomplished with minimal frustration. When I started teaching music lessons for beginners in St. Louis I found it very hard to show youngsters how to restring their guitar. Here is my step by step process … Continue reading “Restringing a Guitar”

Warm Up Exercise Blog

Warming up is a crucial part to every musicians practice habits. Whether this be scales or technique exercises it is very important to give yourself time before you begin to dive into pieces to simply get warmed up. Guitar lessons, piano lessons and vocal lessons all share similar technique and warm-up exercises that enable our … Continue reading “Warm Up Exercise Blog”

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