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At the end of each session, the band will record their songs together in our recording studio.

Dave Simon offers singing lessons in St Louis and surrounding communities. Vocal coaching and performance training with professional voice coaches can be done through private or group instruction at the Baur Road location in St. Louis, near Olive and Lindbergh.

In private voice lessons, students receive private instruction to help with proper breathing techniques, and to achieve greater range and confidence. Lessons begin as early as 7 years of age.

Rock School helps people of all ages and skill levels develop their voice to be a powerful instrument, and teaches from beginning to advanced students the proper techniques and skills they need to become a skilled vocalist.

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Quick singing lesson exercise

Rock school vocal instructor Emmoe Doniz provides a quick singing lesson in this short video. She shares a quick tip with this singing exercise to warm up your vocal chords and improve vocal accuracy. In this video, she will lead you through a few quick exercises from Page 17 of the “Sightsinging” vocal instruction booklet. Follow along with these two…

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VOICE LESSONS- Proper Breathing Techniques for Singing

VOICE LESSONS: Proper Breathing Techniques for Singing

Every vocalist should know how to breathe correctly, protect their vocal chords, and find correct vowel placements. Breathing is one of the most important things to be mindful of when singing. Be sure to breathe in by expanding your rib cage outward. Creating this space allows you to take bigger breaths. Your breathing determines how steady your notes are. Even…

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