Do video games positively effect musical development?

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By Matt Maher, Music Instructor I have learned from several of my students that they spend about two hours playing video games almost every day. This is quite a decent chunk of time in someone’s day to spend on leisurely activities. Therefore, we have to assess what the value of playing a music video game … Continue reading “Do video games positively effect musical development?”

St. Louis rock music summer camp returns for 2016

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Dave Simon’s Rock School summer camp is back for its 12th year offering a rock and roll summer camp for teens, middle schoolers and elementary-age children in St. Louis. The music school places campers into rock bands as they spend they work with a music professional recording a CD and rehearsing for an end-of-session concert. Campers will receive lessons on their instrument … Continue reading “St. Louis rock music summer camp returns for 2016”

Purchasing a Beginner Electric Guitar

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When purchasing an electric guitar for a beginner most parents would like to save some money. It is important to see if your child is going to stick with his or her musical journey. Searching for a guitar as someone who knows nothing about guitars can be a daunting task. When I speak to parents … Continue reading “Purchasing a Beginner Electric Guitar”

Kidzrock Licensing Expands

It’s Sean Stone’s job to teach little kids how to “rock out.” Having fun and learning basic music skills is the goal of the Kidzrock program Stone directs through Halpin Music Company. Two bands of four showed off the skills they learned in the eight-week course at a concert Sunday afternoon in the Riverbender Community … Continue reading “Kidzrock Licensing Expands”

How to Choose a Piano

Should I Purchase or Rent a Piano? So your child just started piano lessons at Dave Simon’s Rock School and you’d like to buy a piano to practice, but you’re overwhelmed by the choices out there. If you’re looking at acoustic pianos, there are fewer things to consider: -Upright vs Baby Grand/Grand Piano: do you … Continue reading “How to Choose a Piano”

Lesson Length

Lesson Length There are many different thoughts on how long a lesson should be. However there are several factors that can help you easily identify how long you or your child’s lesson should be. Consider these factors before scheduling your first lesson.   30 Minutes Children around age 11 and below Students who have never … Continue reading “Lesson Length”

Buying Your First Guitar

Buying Your First Guitar Determine your budget. Since this blog is referring to a beginner, try to keep your budget low. Around $75-$300 for any guitar. Used guitars are great as well, so check your local pawn shops or used dealers. There are also great packages that come with small amps if you decide to … Continue reading “Buying Your First Guitar”

Why You Should be Transcribing

When asked about how they learned to make music, any musician will answer with some variation of ‘I listened to a lot of music and learned to play what I liked’. The technical term for this process is called ‘transcription’, and it is absolutely integral to progressing as a musician. As I tell many of … Continue reading “Why You Should be Transcribing”

Good Practice Habits

  Good practice habits are crucial for any musician looking to improve.  Consistency with practice is important in maximizing the amount of progress made in weekly lessons. I always recommend setting goals such as learning a song or finishing an exercise in a method book.  When goals have been set, it is important to find … Continue reading “Good Practice Habits”

Restringing a Guitar

Restringing a guitar can be a daunting task for beginners. However in just a few simple steps this can be accomplished with minimal frustration. When I started teaching music lessons for beginners in St. Louis I found it very hard to show youngsters how to restring their guitar. Here is my step by step process … Continue reading “Restringing a Guitar”

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