Good Practice Habits

  Good practice habits are crucial for any musician looking to improve.  Consistency with practice is important in maximizing the amount of progress made in weekly lessons. I always recommend setting goals such as learning a song or finishing an exercise in a method book.  When goals have been set, it is important to find a time to devote to…

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Restringing a Guitar

Restringing a guitar can be a daunting task for beginners. However in just a few simple steps this can be accomplished with minimal frustration. When I started teaching music lessons for beginners in St. Louis I found it very hard to show youngsters how to restring their guitar. Here is my step by step process for changing a string on…

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Warm Up Exercise Blog

Warming up is a crucial part to every musicians practice habits. Whether this be scales or technique exercises it is very important to give yourself time before you begin to dive into pieces to simply get warmed up. Guitar lessons, piano lessons and vocal lessons all share similar technique and warm-up exercises that enable our bodies to begin to be…

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Guitar Lessons – Working with Guitar Music Effects

Why Doesn’t My Guitar Sound Like The Recording? One of the most time-consuming aspects to playing the electric guitar is the different ways you can affect your guitar’s sound.  Don’t get me wrong, I love spending countless hours adjusting and tweaking my guitar’s sound.  But for a beginner, trying to perfect your sound can be incredibly frustrating.  We’re used to…

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In the summer of 2003, Dave Simon took a job waiting tables at Sqwires Restaurant in St. Louis, where he and his wife, Keri, lived at the time. It wasn’t a bad job, but it wasn’t exactly what Simon had envisioned for himself at the age of 36. “I’ll never forget, all these old classmates from Clayton (High School) coming in, married with kids,…

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VOICE LESSONS- Proper Breathing Techniques for Singing

VOICE LESSONS: Proper Breathing Techniques for Singing

Every vocalist should know how to breathe correctly, protect their vocal chords, and find correct vowel placements. Breathing is one of the most important things to be mindful of when singing. Be sure to breathe in by expanding your rib cage outward. Creating this space allows you to take bigger breaths. Your breathing determines how steady your notes are. Even…

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Guitar Lesson with Adam Beck

This is a simple and easy lesson for guitarists of all skill levels. The minor pentatonic scale is a 5-note scale derived from the natural minor scale. It is often used in rock and blues as a scale for improvised solos. This is a fun and easy scale to learn. It’s also great for creating riffs. (series of notes played in a repetitive pattern). At Dave Simon’s Rock School we teach concepts found in rock, jazz and classical. Each style of music expands a child’s musical toolkit for creative expression.