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Jr. Rockerz (Ages 7-11)

jr rockerz

Jr. Rockerz is a rock ensemble program designed to make playing an instrument a fun and accessible experience. The curriculum allows children to learn how to play an instrument in a social and performance-based setting.  The programs easy to play arrangments contain parts for both the complete beginner and the more experienced musician. Jr. Rockerz incorporates songwriting methods designed to tap into each child’s creative voice.  This allows students to feel a sense accomplishment and ownership in the music they play. Jr. Rockerz reverses the educational process by introducing kids to music through the ensemble experience making private lessons a destination.

Instruments in the Band

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Drums

What Your Child Will Learn

  • How to read music
  • Beginner and intermediate level musicianship
  • Song structure
  • Songwriting
  • Ensemble performance

REHEARSAL TIME: 1 weekly 1-hour rehearsal.

Jr. Rockerz can be licensed from Dave Simon’s Rock School Music Licensing. Jr. Rockerz is offered in summer camps and schools around the St. Louis area.