Jared Erlinger

Jared Erlinger is the General Manager at Rock School.  He has been at Rock School since 2012, first teaching guitar, piano, bass, and bands, and now as the school’s General Manager. Jared has been playing piano for over 15 years and guitar for over 9 years. He received his bachelors in both music and communications from Boston College in 2012. He studied both theory and composition in Western and world musical styles, in addition to performing in the Popular Styles Ensemble. While in high school, Jared was a member of De Smet Jesuit’s Jazz Combo. Jared has worked at the communications department for the St. Louis Symphony as well as an audio engineer for Bristol Studios in Boston. He currently spends most of his time playing and writing for individual guitar and piano, as well as playing with local musicians.


Blogs by Jared:

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