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About Dave Simon’s Rock School

Learning to play a musical instrument can be a life-changing opportunity for children of all ages. From confidence and creativity to academic achievement, the experiences are significant and wide-reaching.  All too often children quit music lessons once they realize that mastering an instrument will require rigorous work and patience.  Since its inception in 2003, Rock School founder, Dave Simon, has focused on developing a child’s love of music by reversing the educational process. He has crafted innovative teaching methods for children to be able to play music right out of the gate and continue honing their skills through a series of performance-based programs. Children who love music, and are confident in their abilities, will be eager to develop the self-discipline required to master an instrument.




AGES 4-7. Our internationally acclaimed program is designed to make playing instruments fun and accessible to younger children. Kids learn how to play guitar, drums, piano and sing in a real performing rock band. Learn More >>

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AGES 7-11. Beginners and intermediate musicians learn instrumental songs and write their own lyrics in this performance-based program. This fun performance-oriented program is a great way to learn how to play. Learn More >>


AGES 11-18. Your child’s musical skills will grow by leaps and bounds learning and playing with peers in a band. Band members learn about leadership and communication as they work together to create an exhilarating sound and performance. Learn More >>


Our year-round camps bring rock ‘n’ roll dreams to life. Join a band, write, record, and perform in a concert. Campers take lessons on their instrument as well as every instrument in the band. Your child will love this fun and creative camp experience. Beginners welcome. Learn More >>


 AGES 7-ADULT Our innovative and creative approach to lessons will inspire and motivate your child’s progress on their instrument. We offer instruction for guitar, drums, bass guitar, piano, and vocals. Learn More >>